This page is an attempt to collect the most commonly asked questions and document my responses as a resource to help others.

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Your questions, answered

Can you give me feedback on my portfolio?

Sure! Just book a time with me on Superpeer.

Are you available for freelance work?

Currently, no. My schedule is jam packed with my full-time job which uses all of my design thinking head space and side projects which uses the little remaining creative energy I have left.

Are you open to brand collaborations?

Yup! Feel free to check out my media kit which has information about various ways to work with me.

How did you get started in product design?

I have a video all about this! The TLDR is that after graduating with a BCom, I went and did a graduate diploma in Visual Communication Design. Once working at a startup as a design community manager, I started to self teach myself product and UX design.

How can I move abroad as a designer?

It is always possible! Many companies will offer to sponsor you via a visa to immigrate and work for them. To move overseas you'll need a valid working visa for the country you plan to reside in. Your available visa options will depend on your country of citizenship. I recommend doing your own online research or contacting an immigration lawyer for advice.