Are you looking for 1:1 help with your design career? Perhaps you're at a dead end with looking for a new job, unsure where to start to take the leap into becoming a UX designer, or facing a challenge at work. I'd love to help – available for community members only.

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"Femke is very knowledgeable in all areas of design: from tools to education to hiring and interviewing. She filled many knowledge gaps and gave me a boost in my career transition."

Garret Houghton

"I used my time with Femke to talk about my overall career trajectory and came out with clarity about how to set more specific goals. She's so easy to talk to, extremely knowledgeable about her field, and hearing her perspectives was so valuable for me. I'm looking forward to having another session with her in the future! :)"

Maddy Beard

"Femke is amazing. I really appreciated how she spent time to go through my portfolio beforehand to write her own notes, so she was well prepared to give feedback (and I had something to refer to after our session). Her comments and insights were specific, thorough, and actionable. After being unsure about the presentation of my portfolio piece for a long time, I felt like a had a good sense of direction after her review. I’d recommend Femke to anyone having any doubts about their portfolio!"

Nathan Pokpongkiat

"Femke is so knowledgeable about product design, and I was so happy to chat with her over superpeer. She turned her insights into so many valuable feedback. It really saved me lots of time re-designing the product. If you have any design question, or want any feedback, schedule a call with Femke, she will make it straight to the point."

Damon Chen

"My whiteboarding practice session with Femke was very helpful. It really helped me to get ready for my interviews. I learned about new techniques and I also received useful tips. Getting help from Femke to prepare for interviews is highly recommended."

Livia Johanna

"My conversation with Femke was very insightful. We went over career challenges that I am currently facing and how to pivot from graphic design to product design. She was very informative, supportive and encouraging. I feel confident in moving forward toward my next design endeavor. Thanks Femke, you rock!"

Raylene Lopez

"Femke is a knowledgeable UX designer with solid experience. She keeps up with the latest trends and technologies including design softwares and UX best practices. She develops her skills and knowledge daily and is an excellent tutor. She commented on my online portfolio and gave me valuable feedback so I can present my projects in a better way. Thanks a lot for your help!"

Veselin Andreev

"Femke was super helpful with all the questions I had and gave really good advice on how I should proceed in my design career. I was able to come away with a better understanding of how to take ownership of my journey. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to break into the UX industry. Or if you're in your career but need guidance on how to improve."

Richard Bolden