I'm currently designing at Wealthsimple from my home on Vancouver Island.

I'm a senior product designer at Wealthsimple currently living on Vancouver Island in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Prior to that I was at Uber – first on the Money team in Amsterdam working on payments experiences for drivers around the world before relocating in to Toronto to join the Merchant team at Uber Eats.

During my time at Uber I started a YouTube channel to teach product design and user research to the next generation of designers. My videos have had over 1 million views and I'm humbled to be able to help these designers grow.

photo of femke in front of a lake
When I'm not behind a screen, I'm out hiking.
Before Uber I was working at Atomic, a small startup working on building the next prototyping tool. It was during this time that I also started the Design Life Podcast with my friend Charli Prangley. It's a show about design and side projects for motivated creators.

The best way to keep up with what i'm up to is to follow me on Twitter. If you're interested in my design teaching I recommend subscribing on YouTube or following me on Instagram.


Where I make videos about product design and user research

A show about design and side projects, started in 2015 along with Charli Prangley.

Book some 1:1 time with me to discuss any current design or career related challenges or goals you have.

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