Brand sponsorships.

Femke is a leading influencer in the design space teaching mid-senior level designers with a combined online audience of over 150,000 designers.

Here's a breakdown of Femke's audience:
• Over 80,000 subscribers on YouTube where she teaches product design to mid-senior level designers
• Over 40,000 subscribers to her biweekly newsletter where she delivers industry news and resources
• Over 70,000 followers combined across Twitter (X) and Instagram

For collaboration enquiries:

View my media kit (or browse it below) for ways we can work together.

What clients say

I get multiple requests for collaborations

‍Due to the volume of requests I get, I'm only taking on collaborations with companies I am familiar with and I believe are a good fit for my audience.

I do my best to respond to everyone but it does take time away from my priorities and current clients. I wish I had more time to respond to you all – while I read every email, if you don't hear back from me I'd like to thank you for understanding and hope you find someone who is a good fit.