Level up your design career with the community

Are you a designer feeling lost and stuck? Perhaps you're trying to grow in your career but you keep hitting roadblocks, this community is for you.

The community is great for you if: 

  • You're the only designer in your team or company
  • You're not getting guidance or growth support at work
  • You feel alone in your design career and are looking for a sense of belonging
  • You're looking to either start your career in design, or step up to the next level, but need some help to get there
  • You'd like more 1:1 time and personal coaching from Femke

This is not just another Slack group. In fact, there's no Slack at all. This is a mastermind – you'll join a group of other designers who are at various stages of their career and looking to invest more in their growth and professional development.

Together we'll learn, grow, and empower each other through live events, design crits future workshops and more.

Are you ready? Subscribe on Superpeer to join for only $24 USD/month (or $240 USD/year)

Join the community

Join over 200 members in the design community!

Your membership includes:

Office Hours
Join office hours with Femke and other members to ask questions and hang out. Femke will give you guidance on your design work or career.

Guest Livestreams
Each month Femke will be live with a special guest. There’s always time for Q&A so you can ask and upvote questions in the chat!

Design Crit
Looking for feedback on your work? Sign up to design crit to present your work for feedback to others in the community. we’ll help constructively critique and identify your next steps.

Access to 1:1 mentoring
Book a 1:1 call with Femke on Superpeer! These 1:1 calls are only available for community members and as of 2023 are no longer available to the public.

15% coaching discount
As a community member you’ll receive a special 15% discount on my Coaching package where you can receive ongoing membership from Femke.

Course discount
As a community member you’ll receive a special $100 discount on my four-week course Product Strategy for Designers  .

Event recordings
Missed an event? No worries – you’ll get access to recordings.

Discord Server
Join our community discord server to connect and chat with myself and other community members!

Free Uxcel Pro access
As a community member you'll get free access to Uxcel Pro – a self-paced design learning tool which has an abundance of design courses and self-assessments.

Workbook discount
Get a 20% off the KYDC workbook to help you kickstart your design career.

Return on investment for some of the community members

Here are some of the stories of the members who landed the jobs of their dreams since joining the community!

Members have landed jobs at these companies and more!

Many members have shared they have been more productive in their job search and have been feeling more supported and encouraged by the community!
And there are more stories like this from the community members that are shared in our Discord every week ❤️

Frequently asked questions

Ask your question here

Will design crits and livestreams be exclusive to this community?
Can I rewatch design crits and livestreams if I can't make it to the live session?
How often do you plan to host design crits and other livestreams in the community?
Am I able to opt out at any time or is there a minimum commitment period?
Will there be a limit to the number of members in this community?
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Will events be exclusive to the community?

With the occasional exception of guest livestreams, all events will be exclusive and free to join for community members. Guest livestreams may later be published on my YouTube channel. All other events are private to the community.

Can I rewatch events if I can't make it to the live session?

If you're a community member, all events will be recorded and you'll be able to rewatch all sessions in cases where you can't make it.

Do you offer a student discount?

Unfortunately not at this time. I am limited to the Superpeer platform which currently doesn't allow me to create discount codes.

Do you have an annual price?

Yes! The annual subscription price is $240 USD.

How often do you plan to host design crits and other events in the community?

Currently, each event will be held monthly. This means you can expect a guest livestream, a design crit and a live office hours each month.

Am I able to opt out at any time or is there a minimum commitment period?

No minimum commitment period. You can cancel any time :)

Who is the community for?

Anyone looking for growth and guidance in their design career, no matter the level. Currently we have folks ranging from junior to senior, so there is no level requirement :)

We also have members who are transitioning into design from other disciplines.

Will there be a limit to the number of members in this community?

Not yet. I have considered setting a member limit but as the community is new I want to gauge interest.

I'm aware that there are design communities with thousands of members. This often means no one knows each other and it's not considered a safe space. This is something I am conscious of and will be working to avoid.

How do I sign up for the community?

1. Go to my Superpeer page.​
2. Click on "Subscribe" (or "Subscribed" if you're already a free subscriber to manage your subscription).
3. Select the Monthly tier and enter your details.
4. That's it!

You'll receive a follow up email to join the community portal. This is done manually so please be patient as I invite you.

Ready to join?