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You'll join a group of other designers who are at various stages of their career and looking to invest more in their growth and professional development.

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Free webinars

Monthly streams with special guests to help you excel. All event recordings available.

Discord Server

Join our community discord server to connect and chat with myself and other community members!

1:1 mentoring

Get a free 15 min mentoring call with Femke, and the ability to book more sessions on Superpeer!

Workbook discount

Get a 20% off the KYDC workbook to help you kickstart your design career.

$100 off Product Strategy for Designers

Get $100 off Femke's four-week course Product Strategy for Designers

15% coaching discount

Get 15% off Femke's coaching package which includes 6 mentoring sessions.

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Members have landed jobs at these companies and more!

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Free Uxcel Pro

Get free access to Uxcel Pro – a self-paced design learning tool which has an abundance of design courses and self-assessments.

10% off Semplice

Semplice is self-hosted, open-source software. You have the freedom to choose your host and manage your site. Semplice doesn't own your data, it doesn't see your visitors

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Get access to the largest mobile and web design reference library curated by Mobbin with an exclusive discount.

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Blocco is a perfect tool for creating unique geometric patterns in a matter of minutes.

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Power up your design process and experience lightning-fast design that streamline your workflow with Riddle UI.

20% off Shape Design

Create an amazing shape library in Figma in minutes with Spots for Figma.

20% off Shipwright

A video course for product designers. Learn the best ways to build design systems in Figma within the context of your team and manage feature development needs.

10% off resources from The Craft

The Craft has many resources including Whiteboarding framework, Interview questions guide, portfolio presentation guide and more.

30% off UX Storytelling Toolkit

This storytelling course is the secret sauce you need to land jobs, get promoted, and have a fulfilling design career.

20% off Gain Confidence in UX Design Process

Get access to Anfisa's courses at a special rate.

20% off Make Your Career Decisions with Confidence

Grab this 4-step framework if you're considering a big career shift or looking at multiple paths forward.

10% off Amicons

Meet Amicons, 600+ (and counting) exquisitely designed, clean and consistent vector icons with a friendly vibe.


Will design crits and livestreams be exclusive to this community?
Can I rewatch design crits and livestreams if I can't make it to the live session?
How often do you plan to host design crits and other livestreams in the community?
Am I able to opt out at any time or is there a minimum commitment period?
Will there be a limit to the number of members in this community?
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Can I rewatch events if I can't make it to the live session?

All events are recorded and you'll be able to rewatch all sessions in cases where you can't make it. If you cancel your subscription, you will no longer have access to any event recordings.

Who is the community for?

Anyone looking for growth and guidance in their design career, no matter the level. Currently we have folks ranging from junior to senior, so there is no level requirement :)

We also have members who are transitioning into design from other disciplines.

How do I sign up for the community?

1. Go to my Superpeer page.​
2. Click on "Subscribe" (or "Subscribed" if you're already a free subscriber to manage your subscription).
3. Select the Monthly tier and enter your details.
4. That's it!

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