Kickstarting your Design Career – Digital Workbook ($15 USD)

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We know how difficult and stressful it can be to land your first design job. What can you do to stand out and embrace your uniqueness? How do you discover your values and what you want out of your career?

These are some of the questions you'll work through, while we share some advice on preparing your portfolio, writing successful case studies, and nailing take-home assignments.

This digital workbook + video will provide you with actionable takeaways to kickstart your design career.

You'll receive:
50+ page digital workbook in PDF format
List of resources to continue your journey
Link to a pre-recorded video of Femke & Angie to guide you
Presentation from the video in PDF format

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Your instructors

image of Angie Kwan

Angie Kwan

Angie is the founding designer at Epoch, previously at Wealthsimple, Uber and Deloitte Digital. Coming from an accounting and finance background, Angie is passionate about helping others who want to transition their careers into design.

Femke van Schoonhoven

Femke is a design lead at Gusto, previously worked at Uber and Wealthsimple. You can often find her creating videos on YouTube or recording her podcast Design Life. Femke currently lives on Vancouver Island, Canada.


"The presentation was great! Thank you so much and I particularly enjoyed the amount of inward facing speculation and was enjoyable to have to write down what you truly believe yourself to be and to give yourself targets for the future."

"I left with really helpful insights and motivation to seek out the next steps in my design journey."

"This is great for anyone who's entering ux design but not especially towards people with a long years experience and wants to pivot career - always fun talking to other people though, it was a good break for me after a long day of work. thanks guys!"

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Buy Now ($15)